We’re Eloping

While we wanted to throw a big wedding as much as you wanted to come to one, practicality won out. We have friends and family spread all over the country, so it was going to be terribly hard to get everyone together as fast as we wanted to get married. After all, we’ve waited four years, we are a little impatient. We promise before the year is out to get close enough to all of you that we can throw the party of your dreams. If anyone has suggestions or wants to toss out an invite, feel free to leave comments on the site or send some e-mail. We want to say thanks to all of you for your warm wishes and prayers.

Wedding Announcement

Download Wedding Announcement (1.55 Mb)

We’ve booked an intimate venue for the ceremony, one that is just big enough for us and the parents. Once the rings are on our fingers we will post plenty of pictures and links to the location. Keep checking back for updates.

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