The Story of Us

Before Andrea and I first met, I had just resigned myself to finally buying some furniture and settling down into a permanent home and she had decided to swear off dating and be single. I had finally settled into a permanent job after years of consulting.  She was a retail maven who came here to start over again, this time determined not letting anyone trip her up. Enter me. . .

Four years, one week, and four days ago Andrea and I met when our apartment manager suggested that I might be able to help her help her dog adjust to the new apartment in the new city. Seven straight hours of playing toss the dog toy and we were friends (me and the dog and me and the girl). Thirty or so hours later and we were virtually inseparable. Due to the fact that I happened to be working the third shift that week, we had plenty of time to get to know one another.

By the end of the first week, we decided that we should be officially dating. (And that I should probably get a little sleep). During that first year, we walked about twenty collective miles going up and down the hill separating our two apartments. By the time our two leases were due for renewal, we knew we just needed one.

The following three years, I’ve watched her change jobs like locals trade cars (in search of fulfillment) and she’s watched me change hobbies like people change socks (I get bored easily). She’s learned hiking and backpacking. I’ve learned more about fabric than I ever cared to.  (She’s a fashion major.) I’ve learned not to get in the way when visiting “The Limited”. She’s learned not to ask how much my gear costs. (‘Cause it’s always “on sale.”)

We had an instant connection that went so deep it took us months to really admit it out loud. For the first few years we tried really hard to take our relationship slowly. All of the sudden, we looked up and realized it was time to get caught up.

We hope you’ll excuse us if the marriage seems a little sudden to you, as we’ve been waiting four years for this. We’re so excited we just can’t wait. (The Friday night I proposed, we almost decided to get married the next day.)

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